Cameron W. review of 3x HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings (Best Deal!)
Cameron W.
What a great product. Cannot thank Dayton and his team enough for going over and above when our order got lost. Max loves his hook hoops so much they have to go on his table next to his bed so they can watch him when he sleeps! Thanks again everyone. Awesome product matched by even more customer service!
Tiffany C. review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
Tiffany C.
I emailed support and asked when they will be getting new ring colors and they created a custom order with red, pink, and purple for me, so awesome! My teenage son, age 14, has autism and he loves fiddling with this set of magnetic rings! My son is very picky with whether he likes or dislikes certain fidget toys so I was happy to see he just loved this set! On the little card that's included they give you ideas and games to try. He really enjoys this one - I was kind of shocked. Since he likes i...
Derek M. review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
Derek M.
I have generalized anxiety disorder so I bought these to play around with and help calm my nerves. They work pretty well and are fun, I don't like the color options as much I wish there was a purple or a red but other than that the rings are cool.
brett review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
i got the 3x set and they're pretty fun to play around with. If anything else they're a great stress relief toy. If you leave a review with a picture they give you a 20% off code so I am doing that
Oscar J. review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
Oscar J.
So fun to find different ways to spin them! Also kids loved them because they were magnetic. They are very thick and durable! Good to play with other things!
esta g. review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
esta g.
A cool new gadget. a combination of fidget spinner and magnetic ball, very interesting. I bought the 12 pcs to play together with my boys.
joseph c. review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
joseph c.
I got six of them. Cool little time waster. Magnets are ok strength wise, can do tricks and games. Spinning all 6 at the same time doesn’t seem to realistic but it’s cool to be able to spin two sets at the same time
alicia review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
i have bought several fidget toys for my son and he has been spending a lot of time with these ones over his other toys, great buy
Shane C. review of HookHoops™ Magnetic Rings
Shane C.
They stick to the fridge!
Marissa W.
The kids absolutely love them and I do too. Especially my 10yr old son. He sets them up like ten pin bowling.